Thankyou very much for a great tour . . . we appreciated your attention to detail and the detours in addition to the itinerary.
Jean & Merle, Clayfield Queensland

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip - Many thanks for an entertaining time.
Liz & Bill, UK

Thankyou for the excellent trip . . . you were first class!
Bill, UK

This was the best tour I made during my holiday. I'll never forget it.
Matthias, Germany

First & foremost thankyou for a wonderful trip . . . you should patent you recipe for damper!
Eryl & Jane, Northcote Victoria

We would like to tell you how much we enjoyed our tour . . . you are a mine of information on the area.
Mike & Sue, UK

Thankyou for giving us an extra wonderful holiday.
Rhoda & Nell, Tasmania

It certainly was a trip to remember, thankyou very much.
Shirley, UK

Thankyou for your wonderful tour. It was the highlight of our holiday and one we will never forget.
Gladys & Marie, UK

Thank you for providing such a high standard of service to visitors.
SATC, Adelaide

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